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Does Your Dog "Get No Respect"?
Give Your Dog the Respect It Deserves


Come and join our pack!
  1. All Sizes & Breeds Are Welcome
    All Sizes & Breeds Are Welcome
    We do not discriminate breeds or sizes; we select pack members based on temperament, obedience training, chemistry. As pack leaders, it is our job to show our pack that they are safe, comfortable, and enjoying themselves- regardless of size.
  2. Balance
    Dogs need balance. As pack leaders we provide the necessary counterpoise of work and play.
  3. Not Just Dogs!
    Not Just Dogs!
    We provide loving care for chinchillas, fish, rodents, cats, birds, reptiles, livestock, exotic animals, etc. Please feel free to ask!
Our Philosophy:
We believe that dogs truly are man's best friend- and that they should be respected for the amazing beings that they are. Respect the animals for being animals, and give them what they need to succeed. Too often, we humanize our dogs and don't give them the tools required to flourish. When this happens, they may be surviving, but they aren't thriving. Dogs need a pack leader, exercise, socializing, training, affection. 

As pet lovers, we strive to have our business model mirror our expectations of our own pets' care. We guarantee our services and eliminate any guesses about whether your pet recieved the service, therefore providing our clients with peace of mind. An update and a photo for each service are provided. 

​* CPR & First Aid Certified
*Licensed and Insured
*Our reputation speaks for itself
*We may not have the lowest prices, but you get what you pay for

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